Burnt Out? Shape Up!

Karl Bimshas
4 min readOct 5, 2022


Burnt Out? Shape Up! by Karl Bimshas

If you still have some fuel in the tank and want to be helpful to your organization, this five-step shape-up plan for those who feel burnt out but aren’t ready to quit is for you.


What are the ten best excuses you keep giving yourself or others that have put you in your current predicament? These are the things you probably whine about most. Next to each excuse, describe and justify why it’s a good excuse. Then, figure out how you could eliminate them. Generally, you can do this by transforming your excuses into positive objectives.


You have strengths and weaknesses; everyone does; the problem is that most people dwell on their shortcomings and ignore their strengths. That’s backassward. If you spend too much time on your shortcomings, you risk becoming very good at them instead of reducing them. List the strengths you have that you want to keep. Then list the weaknesses you have that you need to release.


Deliberately seek five people you can learn from regularly. As the adage goes, if we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, it would make sense to figure out with whom you want to invest your time. Create a list of five people and answer the following questions.

  • What are their admirable traits?
  • What’s your objective in the relationship?
  • What resources do you need to help?
  • When is the date for your first meeting?


Work off an Action Plan. Use whatever iteration or format works best for you. At its most basic, be able to

  • Describe the actions you need to take.
  • Translate each action into something quantifiable by answering “how much?”
  • Set a due date.
  • List other resources you think you’ll need to help you be successful. (Usually time, money, or the talents of others.)
  • Leave space for status updates and notes.

Refer to this action plan multiple times throughout your day to keep you on track.


Create a Recognition Plan. As you improve your demeanor, do not neglect the people who help you along the way. Put it to paper.

  • Whom will you recognize?
  • Why will you recognize them? Be specific.
  • How will you recognize them in a way that is meaningful to them?
  • When will you recognize them?

Hint, the sooner, the better. Recognition doesn’t ripen over time, but it can rot. Speed counts. Don’t “wait for the perfect time” to deliver recognition.

Put these five elements into play, and you will start to shape up and act with purpose, not by accident.

Leader Snack — Karl Bimshas Consulting

Many busy leaders feel like an imposter because they struggle with self-leadership. As a result, their confidence takes a hit, and they find themselves failing to speak up or advocate for better ideas. They tuck away these daily mini-failures and carry them because they don’t have an outlet to share their concerns or fresh approaches, where they are free from fear of being labeled a whiner or a workaholic — if they are listened to at all.

That’s one place where a mastermind group can help. Peer-to-peer mentoring helps participants solve their problems with input and advice from others in the group.

I recently enjoyed my conversation with Barbara Eldridge on the “Business Wisdom” show.


Barbara founded Mind Masters to establish and facilitate groups of small business owners and entrepreneurs in an atmosphere that encourages a positive, cooperative exchange of knowledge and experience and provides a process of accountability and recognition for the mutual growth and profitability of all.

If you run a business and are hunting around for a mastermind group to join, I encourage you to check out her organization.


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