Confronting Your Biggest Leadership Pains

Karl Bimshas
4 min readSep 26, 2023
Confronting Your Biggest Leadership Pains by Karl Bimshas

As a leader, you are not immune to the challenges that plague most people. However, it is incumbent upon you to confront these challenges head-on and take action to safeguard your well-being and the success of your organization.

Below are the five biggest leadership pains currently being felt by busy professionals and potential solutions to alleviate those struggles.


Burnout creeps in unnoticed and strikes when you least expect it. It saps your energy, dims your enthusiasm, and casts shadows on your achievements. Symptoms vary, but one thing remains constant: it is detrimental to your leadership. Prioritize yourself, your health, and your mental well-being. Regular exercise, adequate sleep, and relaxation techniques are not luxuries but essential tools in your leadership toolkit. Don’t hesitate to seek mental health support when needed, and create a stigma-free environment for your team to do the same. Remember, leaders require vitality.

Burnout symptoms and solutions

Workload Demands

The demands that fall on leaders sometimes feel like an avalanche of tasks and responsibilities. During the regular chaos, it is far too easy to lose sight of the strategic thinking that should drive your decisions. The symptoms are overwhelm, anxiety, and a dip in the quality of your work. Make prioritization your ally. Learn to differentiate between what’s truly important and what’s merely urgent. Sharpen your time management skills and employ organizational tools to regain control. Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks to capable team members or explore automation opportunities. The more you free yourself from the minutiae, the more agile you become.

Workload Demands symptoms and solutions

Delegation vs. Hands-on Involvement

The age-old battle of delegation versus hands-on involvement continues to rage on. While it’s natural to want to maintain control, it often leads to micromanagement tendencies, stressed-out team members, and a failure to focus on the bigger picture. Trust your team by communicating clearly and setting expectations. Identify tasks suitable for delegation based on your team members’ skills and trust them to make decisions within their areas of responsibility. Remember to establish mechanisms for tracking delegated tasks and holding your team accountable.

Delegation vs Hands-on Involvement symptoms and solutions

Staying Focused on Longer Goals

Constantly reacting to immediate issues leads to frustration and slow progress on strategic objectives. Maintaining sight of your long-term objectives is crucial amidst the inevitable chaos of daily operations. Strategic planning, regular reviews, delegation, and focused time allocation can keep you on track. Create clear, actionable strategic plans with milestones, schedule periodic checks to measure progress, delegate routine tasks, and allocate dedicated time for strategic thinking. Remember, your long-term goals are met through your small daily steps.

Long-Term Focus symptoms and solutions

Balancing Work/Life Demands

Balancing the demands of work and personal life is a perpetual challenge. Neglecting family, feeling guilty, increased stress and potential health issues are signs that something is amiss. Set boundaries for your work hours and personal time. Prioritize family and self-care, knowing that these are not hindrances but sources of strength. Optimize your work hours, delegate effectively, and seek support from others who understand that work/life balance must always tilt in favor of life. Your leadership is at its best when your life outside your profession runs well.

To lead effectively, it helps first to lead yourself. Rise above these common leadership pains, embrace solutions that work for you and those around you, and rekindle your sense of purpose. The leader who thrives sets the stage for a thriving team and organization.

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