Gen X Could Help: Moving Beyond Apathy and Mockery

Karl Bimshas
3 min readNov 3
Gen X Could Help: Moving Beyond Apathy and Mockery by Karl Bimshas

Let’s first admit that capitalism has brought unprecedented wealth and innovation to the world — and is brutal. We may argue over the moral “goodness” it provides as an economic system, but there can be no denying that, left to its own devices, it devolves into cronyism, and rampant cronyism is no good for anyone reading this. The Gen X cohort doesn’t like getting pulled into disputes, and while the knee-jerk compulsion to mock the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as they experience their first scars is strong, it would be better to lead.

Younger Generations Also Struggle

They grapple with a relentless surge in housing costs and crippling student loan debt that hinders financial stability and delays major life milestones. Job insecurity is a harsh reality as they navigate a perilous gig economy fraught with unpredictable income, which lacks the stability their predecessors enjoyed. The job market and rapid technological advancements place unrealistic social pressures to become entrepreneurial. Feelings of societal injustices, the desire to address economic inequality and environmental concerns, and the thrust of unyielding consumerism and materialism all get wrapped up in a delicious coating of mental health challenges that contribute to a persistent sense of inadequacy.

Provide Leadership

Members of Gen X could provide leadership and help younger generations who are struggling within capitalism in several ways:

  1. Mentorship: Experienced Gen X individuals can offer mentorship and share their insights on navigating the workforce and managing financial challenges.
  2. Advocacy for Change: Leveraging your experience, you can advocate for policy changes, including student debt relief, affordable housing, and job opportunities.
  3. Resource Sharing: Connect younger generations with valuable resources, networks, and opportunities to help them excel in their careers or entrepreneurial endeavors.
  4. Financial Literacy: Offering education on financial management, budgeting, and investment strategies equips younger generations with the tools to secure their financial future.
  5. Emotional Support: By being empathetic and offering emotional support, you can help younger individuals cope with the stress and anxiety inherent in capitalism’s demands.
  6. Encouraging Entrepreneurship: Support young entrepreneurs by providing advice, helping them access startup resources, or becoming investors or mentors.
  7. Promoting Work-Life Balance: Emphasizing the importance of work-life balance and self-care practices is vital for maintaining physical and mental well-being in a demanding world.
  8. Championing Diversity and Inclusion: Gen X can advocate for workplace diversity and equal opportunities, fostering a more inclusive professional environment.
  9. Educating About Financial Safety Nets: Helping younger generations understand the importance of building safety nets, such as savings, insurance, and retirement accounts, mitigates the risks associated with capitalism run amok.
  10. Encouraging Civic Engagement: Encouraging engagement in civic activities, voting, and participating in grassroots movements is a powerful way to address economic and social challenges.

BONUS: Are you still struggling with some of these survival techniques yourself? This is additional proof that seeking multigenerational support and mentorship can help.

By offering your support and advocacy, you can guide and strengthen individuals from younger generations as they navigate the complexities of capitalism and work towards a more secure and equitable future.

When you were in your teens and twenties, you despised the avarice and absence of others who were supposed to know better. Offer the wisdom and compassion you’ve earned. You’ll feel better, and it’s more helpful than shrugging or mocking them from a keyboard.

Karl Bimshas

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