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4 min readSep 28, 2022


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Sailing through life rudderless isn’t getting you where you want to go. It is time to get your ships together. Here are eight key ships to evaluate for seaworthiness.


Are you authentic in all your relationships? Are all of your relationships where you want them to be, or are there some that you could improve? Are there people you sometimes want to throw overboard? Examine your relationships and surround yourself with the best crew possible.


You don’t need permission to lead. Everyone has the capacity to be a leader, be it of a household, company, or a little league team. Any organization of people needs a leader, someone to set a vision, inspire movement, and encourage people along the way. How’s your leadership?


Although material possessions don’t matter much in the big picture, when we work, scrape and save for something tangible, the pride of achievement is real. Are you taking proper care of the things you own? Do you take pride in ownership?


A country needs good citizens if it hopes to function correctly. A population that educates itself, votes, speaks out against authoritarianism and injustice, and contributes in ways big and small, is one that takes responsibility seriously. Are you a good citizen?


Stewardship is treating something that’s not yours as though it were and eventually leaving it with grace and in a better condition than you found it. Examine the spaces you currently occupy. Are you making improvements?


Everyone has some hobby or calling that requires the use of the head, heart, and hands. Your handiwork, in turn, speaks to others. Are you devoting time to your craft? Do you practice, hone, improve, and excel in your skills?


How strong is your entrepreneurial spirit? Do you create something from nothing? Do you fulfill an unmet want or need? How faithfully do you fill that need while being of service to others?


Without the follower, the leader fails; without a leader, followers perish. Do you know when to lead and when to follow, when to offer new ideas and solutions, and when to support and respect existing ones? Do you follow others well?

Based on your highly subjective self-assessment, what is the strength of your fleet? Are they dry docked, stuck on a sandbar, or perhaps they are facing rough seas? Or do you feel secure with a strong and capable fleet?

Pay attention to each vessel and take care of them. Inspect the hull and scrape the barnacles off from time to time. Send them out to explore uncharted waters.

Do you have any other “ships” you would add? Let me know.

Five Things to Consider Before Investing In Leadership Development

1. Are you worth it?

Does your current performance or your potential bring value to your organization?

2. Is there a pressing need?

Can you pinpoint the problems you are facing right now? Some of your challenges may not be business-related but could still adversely affect your performance.

3. Are you willing?

If you are not open to reflection and self-improvement, you may want to re-examine your answer to the first question.

4. Could you do it differently?

Better mentoring, training, or direct coaching from someone you admire are alternatives you may want to explore before looking for an external solution.

5. Is there support?

Are other members of your team (business and/or personal) willing to support your growth and change? Negative reinforcement will neutralize any investment you make. Seek environments that bolster, not undermine, the development of all employees.

The better you can articulate the type of leadership development you want or feel you need; the more successful your leadership development will be. Remember, vague goals get vague results.

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