How Can You Lead Better?

Karl Bimshas
4 min readJun 30, 2022

Part Two of a series

As an effective leader, you are asking yourself that question regularly. This series is for busy professionals who want to find easier ways to improve their essential leadership skills.

Below is the second set of ten statements or notions followed by a reflection and an action. Review the reflection and determine how you would rate yourself, and decide if that’s acceptable to you or not. If you want to make improvements, do the suggested action.

1. The arrogant think they have all the answers. Effective Leaders know when they do not and ask better questions.

Reflection: Are you deeply curious?

Action: Pick one assumption you are sure of, then look for ways to prove yourself wrong.

2. Leaders work on solving problems. Sometimes that involves creating new ones, which is okay; solve those too.

Reflection: Do you problem solve?

Action: Make a list of all the current problems on your plate. Eliminate the ones you have no control or impact on, e.g., the weather. Choose the problem that, when solved, would positively impact other problems too. This problem is now one of your goals. Put a singular focus on solving it. After it is solved, celebrate and go find another.

3. Your attitude filters everything you pull in and colors everything you push out, making it one of the rare things you have complete control over.

Reflection: Do you possess a positive attitude?

Action: Today, lead from a positive place. Find the best in people and give the best of yourself.

4. You are a reflection of your closest relationships.

Reflection: Do you value relationships?

Action: It is easy to take advantage of your meaningful relationships, take shortcuts and leave them shortchanged. Stop doing that. Make a commitment to show them how much you value them.

5. Action breeds action.

Reflection: Do you have a record of success?

Action: Note your accomplishments, not to humble brag, but to record where you have been and what you have done. If you have been doing that, trends of strengths and weaknesses will appear. Make adjustments when starting your next endeavor.

6. As a leader, you often get new ideas. Remember to reinforce your existing vision, mission, and values.

Reflection: Do you frequently communicate?

Action: You might think you are repeating yourself. It’s okay. What you think is important bears repeating. Incorporate new feedback and stay on message.

7. It is tempting to think of yourself first; after all, you are the person you spend the most time with.

Reflection: Do you demonstrate empathy?

Action: Make the effort to understand where another person is coming from. Resist being ego-driven and defensive. Instead, listen, show compassion, and cry unapologetically if you must. Be there for someone besides yourself.

8. Stability is nice; change is inevitable.

Reflection: Are you flexible as conditions change?

Action: Discern when to be unyielding and when to go with the flow. A river follows the same basic route but is in constant movement.

9. Leadership thrives with change; management frequently does not.

Reflection: Do you embrace and manage change?

Action: Instead of dreading inevitable change, pay attention, find the predictable elements you can control, and approach the rest with curiosity.

10. Everyone has customers or end-users, the person who benefits from your work. Without them, you do not have much work. Do you serve them begrudgingly or with a sincere smile?

Reflection: Do you value customers and end-users?

Action: Leaders who value client relationships are responsive, inquisitive, helpful, and grateful. See if you can be all four with each client you interact with today.

Acting on these ten areas will improve your leadership. Share your favorite or which one resonated the most with you in the comments section. I’d love to hear about your progress.

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