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Karl Bimshas
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Leaders Ask by Karl Bimshas

Confident, competent leaders think differently from lousy leaders, which is why they often stand out from the crowd. Crowds tend to settle, content with how things are or lamenting about how things were.

Effective leaders also like their comforts but in smaller doses. They know that too much comfort leads to complacency and a false sense of certainty. They know there are, at best, three certainties in life. We will all die, we will all pay taxes, and we will all face uncertainty.

Surprisingly, better leaders do not lack uncertainty. This fact does not immobilize them; it emboldens them. The tools at their disposal are no different from those anyone can access. It has to do with their way of thinking.

They conceive possibility by asking, If

They discern by asking, Which

They weigh time by asking, When

They consider place by asking, Where

They examine the thing itself by asking, What

They contemplate motive by asking, Why

They study the means by asking, How

They think about the person or group by asking, Who

Did you notice that effective leaders ask more than they tell?

When you equip yourself with these questions and are open to what they uncover, intriguing alternatives and new ways of facing old problems will emerge. If you haven’t already adopted this type of thinking, you ought to consider doing so. Each day, every time, you encounter uncertainty.

A word of caution, when you make a habit of thinking this way, you begin to stand out from the crowd as a leader.

You Don’t Have Time?

Try to create before you consume. Take a look at the screen time on your cellphone. How much time have you used, and in what categories? Does the number surprise you?

Take 10% of your passive screen time and intentionally improve something in your life using that found time. Make a personal development plan for yourself and commit to improving your leadership, relationships, health, and fitness — anything you’ve purportedly lacked time to concentrate your efforts. You may not know how much time you have, but you can certainly put it to better use.

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