Leadership C.R.A.P.

Karl Bimshas
2 min readAug 31, 2022
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When you give a C.R.A.P., you get better results.

A plethora of management surveys, your instincts, and your experience confirm that about 50–65% of employed managers don’t give a crap.

They don’t care about their direct reports or the organization that pays them, and they don’t particularly care about their leader.

There is a way effective leaders combat the scourge of lousy leaders. They intentionally give a C.R.A.P. — and you could do the same.

Compassion: Care about your direct reports, clients, and boss. If you don’t, you’re doing it wrong. Either find ways to improve, or resign from your leadership position, because you’re not leading.

Recognition: Make the time to recognize people who help you achieve the goals you are responsible for meeting. If that’s too difficult to figure out and consistently accomplish, you are probably better suited as an individual contributor. Good leaders regularly demonstrate this fundamental concept of effective leadership.

Accountability: The most challenging person to hold accountable is yourself. You make and break promises to yourself all the time. Begin to polish your integrity by honoring your commitments and admitting to your mistakes. Instead of passing blame, accept it, and fix it.

Persistence: Don’t abdicate your leadership when it gets too hard or uncomfortable. Persist. Don’t succumb to apathy when things don’t immediately go your way. Persist. Know your true north, keep an eye on your moral compass, and continue driving toward what you know is right, despite the obstacles (self-imposed or otherwise.)

There are plenty of strong, effective leaders in our world; unfortunately, many do not hold positional power. That’s okay; strong leadership has never needed a title. It is most attracted to those who give a crap.

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