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Karl Bimshas
3 min readNov 21, 2022


Leadership Resources from Karl Bimshas Consulting

Three Sets of Links for Three Stages of Your Leadership Journey

This is a good week to provide a resource post where you can find a variety of leadership development, coaching, and leadership consulting tools based on your stage of leadership development.

Leadership-Curious — Those interested in personal and professional development and exploring leadership roles.

Learn from Karl: learnfromkarl.com

Download the popular and helpful leadership workbook, “How to Strengthen Your Leadership Without Becoming A Jerk,” for free

The Reflections on Leadership Podcast: http://reflectionsonleadership.org/

Over 300 quick episodes on leadership to challenge your perspective and provide inspiration and insights to improve your leadership. Also available wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

The Reflections on Leadership Newsletter: https://karlbimshas.medium.com/

Weekly thoughts and reflections to help busy professionals manage better and lead well.

Tentative Leaders — Those new to a leadership role or those established leaders who second-guess themselves.

Leadership Workbooks: http://leadershipworkbooks.com/

A series of short yet profound workbooks that help in topics of change, sales management, finding purpose and values, plus more.

The Leadership Hotline: https://theleadershiphotline.com/

The place to stop for improvements to your leadership mindset. Several popular titles are available in printer-friendly pdf file format.

Leadershirts Plus: https://leadershirtsplus.com/

The online store for heart-centered leaders. The inspirational quips on shirts and mugs are great gifts for servant leaders. Find journals and other works from leadership author Karl Bimshas.

Committed Leaders — New or established leaders who take their leadership development seriously and not for granted.


The positive accountability program is one of a kind and effective for busy professionals who are on their own or need supplemental support to keep them accountable for their important goals.

The Leadership Library: https://wakeupaleader.com/

Karl Bimshas Consulting’s new subscription to dynamic worksheets, leadership self-assessments, on-demand learning videos, and more centered around essential leadership skills.

Karl Bimshas Consulting: https://Karlbimshasconsulting.com

Become a confident and competent leader in your field without becoming a jerk. Reach out for customized personal or team coaching, leadership workshops, and learning sessions, or dive deeper and improve your leadership capacity with a consulting agreement.

As the year winds down, many feel tired, discouraged, underestimated, or overwhelmed. Regardless of your stage of leadership, Karl Bimshas Consulting’s array of resources and style of leadership development and accountability turns that around — fast.

Use any downtime you find this week to take advantage of these resources so you can better advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and help others along the way.

Leadership Perfection

In all but a few professions, perfection is more of an ideal and a goal than it is a reality. After all, we are all human and have flaws. Our imperfections often make us unique and beautiful and can give us an advantage in seeing things from a perspective others cannot.

I prefer surgeons, pilots, engineers, and others to be perfect, but the best we can get is precision.

Leaders are not perfect. They are human beings with bias, skewed judgment, and blind spots. The effective ones recognize this in themselves and continue to learn, refine, practice, and try to improve. The lousy ones remain unaware, or worse, don’t give a damn. That is a sloppy and selfish way to lead.

As best as you can, use your influence and leadership to change how things are to how you envision they could be. Know that your execution will not be perfect, but you sure as heck had better try.



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