Leadership Tune-Up: Maximizing Your Performance

Karl Bimshas
2 min readMar 19, 2024
Leadership Tune-Up: Maximizing Your Performance by Karl Bimshas

You know that focusing on leadership development will increase effectiveness and career satisfaction. Following a framework for self-assessment, including goal setting, skills evaluation, and reflection exercises, is a well-established path to career growth. Communication, influence, and situational awareness are crucial for effective leadership and career success in any field.

Now, imagine the impact of investing in your leadership development. It’s akin to regular car maintenance to ensure its peak performance. Neglecting this vital aspect will eventually lead to career breakdowns and missed opportunities.

Let’s start with a quick diagnostic check under your leadership hood. Consider your primary goal and then assess the six critical systems:

  1. Operating Principle: What is your overarching aim?
  2. Values and Strengths Alignment: Do your values support your goal, and are your strengths best utilized?
  3. Goal Articulation: Can you clearly define and communicate your objectives?
  4. Key Actions: What specific steps are needed to progress?
  5. Success Metrics: How do you measure progress towards your goal?
  6. Resources Utilization: Who or what can assist you in achieving your objective?

Now, let’s delve into the essence of leadership skills. These skills, often mischaracterized as “soft skills,” form the backbone of effective leadership and include:

  • Communication, Influence, and Persuasion: How adept are you at listening and conveying ideas? Reflect on a recent conversation. How well did you listen and express your thoughts?
  • Management, Strategy, and Results: Do you seamlessly integrate management skills into broader strategic initiatives? How does your current management style contribute to achieving strategic objectives?
  • Situational and Interpersonal Awareness: Can you accurately gauge the motivations and barriers of others? Think of a recent team interaction. How did you adapt your approach based on individual personalities and circumstances?
  • Creativity and Problem-solving: Are you teaching adaptability and persistence within your team? How do you encourage innovative thinking and resilience when facing challenges?
  • Professional Acumen and Attitude: Do you command respect through actions and interactions? Evaluate a recent leadership decision. Did it align with professional standards and enhance team morale?

Most career problems stem from one of these five areas, and many individual contributors do not know they exist.

Ready to optimize your leadership potential?

Whether you need a tune-up, rebuild, or explore new models, Karl Bimshas Consulting is here to help you navigate your career journey. Don’t wait until you’re stalled on the career highway — schedule your leadership maintenance today!



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