Overcome Executive Inactivity

Karl Bimshas
3 min readJan 18, 2023
Overcome Executive Inactivity by Karl Bimshas Consulting

It’s no secret that setting clear goals and creating a compelling vision for your team or organization are crucial aspects of effective leadership. Unfortunately, a prolonged lack of direction or vision from your organizational superiors is not uncommon. It is a disheartening experience to see confusion and frustration among team members who are unsure of expectations and lack direction.

The problem is that many existing leaders are too tentative and wait on others. They are unsure of their goals, lack a clear sense of what they want to achieve, or fail to articulate their goals to others. Executive inactivity leads to a lack of focus among team members and makes it difficult for an organization to advance. Employees with uncertainty erode motivation, productivity, and engagement.

Without a clear direction and vision, you risk falling behind and becoming irrelevant in your market of choice. The solution; find clarity and define your organization’s goals and vision and then communicate this to your team often and with thoughtfulness. Set clear objectives, establish measurable targets, and create a plan for achieving these goals. Be open to team members’ feedback and input, and be willing to adjust your vision and goals as needed. Check with team members often to ensure they understand their expectations and address any concerns they may have.

Be serious about your leadership, and don’t wait on someone else before you take action. Set clear goals, create a compelling vision, and communicate with your team. This may rub others with fragile egos the wrong way. It is not your role to protect their egos; your role is to help your team win. If a game plan has yet to be supplied to you, create a playbook of your own (and if you are emotionally secure, you’ll do it in concert with your team). Be prepared to adjust once others arrive, gracing you with their presence along the sidelines. They may cheer or jeer, but do not wait for them to play.

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