Passion Is Not Enough

Karl Bimshas
3 min readJun 2, 2022

Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of people distressed over not being able to find their passion. They scramble, looking for it with an urgency and panic reminiscent of someone late for an appointment searching for their car keys. Passion is not something to search for because you fear it’s lost to the ether. You carry it with you.

You may not recognize it if you haven’t called on your passion recently. Some forces in your life may have driven you to ignore it. Remember, although it may change its appearance a little over time, passion still resides inside you.

With its intense desire and enthusiasm, passion is a powerful tool to use in pursuing an important goal, but it isn’t enough on its own. Passion is a fuel source; it provides the boost at the beginning or the surge toward the finish line. It consumes lots of energy, and it can burn through quickly. That’s why it’s only part of the formula to achieve great results.

You’ll also need a clear vision of your destination or outcome, and you’ll need to take consistent action to get you there. Having a deadline and some success measures along the way wouldn’t hurt either.

Passion remains important, but stop looking for it on the horizon or under the sofa cushions. It’s tethered to you; you’ll have better luck finding your passion via the reflection of a mirror.

Commitments Have Lost Their Weight

When you made a commitment, it meant you were dedicated to a cause or action — no matter what. Good leaders keep that definition while far too many others now treat a commitment as an obligation laced with dread. It has become passive, something they have to meet by the end of the week or month. As a result, commitment begins to feel like the end of something, and they get broken too easily with little repercussion.

Fix that by replacing your commitments with your initiatives. Be less interested in the promises people make and more interested in the actions they take.

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