Rut Reduction

Karl Bimshas
3 min readJun 8, 2022
Rut Reduction by Karl Bimshas “Reflections on Leadership”

Are you in a rut, feeling stuck or aimless?

Then do the opposite of what you’ve been doing.


In your head, plotting and planning?

Stop. Go do. Make mistakes and learn how to recover from them.

Super social, asking for input, collaborating, and always celebrating with the team?

Find some quiet time, sit still, shut up, and think.

Always agreeable?

Say no, if you mean it, and stick with your decision.

Too “me” focused, starting many of your sentences with “I,” and getting a little bent out of shape if someone else is getting attention instead of you?

Begin to serve others, putting them before you.

Is everyone always defaulting to your judgment and looking for a decision?

Tell them to make a choice themselves and then abide by it without complaint.

If this seems overwhelming, that is a clue as to how critically important it is for you to take action to get you out of your routine and unconscious habits.

If nothing else, brush your teeth with your opposite hand the next few times.

If you’re feeling conflicted, the same old way isn’t working. Shake things up!

Don’t misconstrue “getting out of your comfort zone” as a ploy to browbeat you into skydiving or getting into a shark cage. It’s about doing new things that require you to adapt.

Don’t shame yourself into becoming a different person. Challenge your status quo and current perspective.

Each time you stretch your assumptions, you grow. Don’t wait for high-risk, do-or-die theatrics. Prepare and practice by doing the opposite of what you usually do for a series of small, seemingly insignificant things each day. Over time, you will notice how it becomes easier to solve new challenges, and others will be impressed at how you remain unflappable in the face of change.


If you’re in a room of leaders, and less than half of them are women, or nearly everyone is within your shade, you’re not getting the whole story.

Diversity of thought, life experiences, and belief systems makes organizations stronger. The fittest ideas can flourish, and greater numbers of people benefit. If the room you are in looks like you, you’re not learning enough. You’ll feel comfortable and perhaps nourished, but you will not find enrichment. For that, you need new voices. Younger. Older. Paler. Darker. Wealthy. Impoverished. Make room at your table, or find room at theirs.

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