Vision, Passion, Action

Karl Bimshas
5 min readJan 30, 2024
Vision, Passion, Action by Karl Bimshas

You need a combination of vision, passion, and action to achieve exceptional performance.

Vision is what you imagine, think about, and see in your mind. Worriers see failure. High achievers only see success.

Passion is what stirs you forward. Those who accomplish goals have a burning desire to complete their mission. It gets them up in the morning and keeps them up late into the night.

Action is the execution of your plan. It is the day-to-day grunt work that nourishes the vision and passion.

Those who demonstrate all three elements of vision, passion, and action accomplish superior results.

Vision + Passion + Action = Exceptional Performance

We see the elements of this formula every day, but often it is incomplete.

  • It is the daydreamer who has passion and vision but lacks action.
  • The workaholic has tremendous action and passion, but without vision, they accomplish things without meaning.
  • The mediocre have vision and action but no passion.

You need a combination of vision, passion, and action to achieve exceptional performance.

Those who can arouse and maintain the passion in others while sustaining it in themselves are distinguished as authentic leaders. The world has far too few of these people. You can begin making a positive difference by helping others rediscover their passion.

Vision is seeded in your fertile mind and blooms with your imagination. You envision a place or condition you want to change or create. You often fail in its pursuit, sometimes publicly. If the vision is meaningless, you abandon it or pursue it mindlessly.

Passion is what gives your vision meaning and makes the suffering losses bearable. Those who have acknowledged their passion know the thought of being without it terrifies you more than any suffering it causes. Passion is the endeavor you cannot stop doing. It consumes you. It doesn’t have to energize you; that’s a myth. It often drains you, but you seldom mind. It’s not something that sparks at just the right moment. You’re confusing passion for lust. There is a time and place for spontaneous ignition, but passion is an arduously slow, smoldering burn. You cannot go out and find it because you already carry it. Its crucible rests inside you.

To nourish your vision, you count on your passion. To nourish your passion, you must take action. You must either act on, decide on, or communicate the things that support your vision and passion, or else you remain a dreamer, a starving artist ill-equipped to paint.

Action gives your imagination concrete feedback. Action makes you feel productive and satisfied. Passion does not feed you. Action does. Passion does not reward your efforts. Action does.

When you put passion on a pedestal, you rob vision and action of equal due. If you insist on searching for passion, focus on taking consistent action. Passion will then show itself, like a jealous muse desperate for attention. Acknowledge it, then get back to work.

While the combination of vision, passion, and action is an almost magical formula for exceptional performance, it’s essential to acknowledge their potential downsides.

Vision, when not grounded in reality, can lead to unrealistic expectations and unattainable goals. Overly ambitious visions may result in disappointment, frustration, and a sense of failure, especially if the envisioned outcomes are not achievable.

Passion, touted as a driving force, can have its dark side. An excessive and unbridled passion may close your eyes to practical considerations and potential risks. It can lead to burnout, strained relationships, and tunnel vision, where you become so fixated on your passion that you neglect other important aspects of life.

Action, while crucial for execution, can devolve into mere busyness without purpose. A relentless pursuit of action without a well-thought-out plan or consideration for the consequences may result in wasted effort, inefficiency, and unintended adverse outcomes.

This combination is a potent formula for exceptional performance and is heightened for leaders. Understanding and embodying this formula becomes a crucial aspect of effective leadership.

As standard-bearers of a vision, leaders play a pivotal role in steering others toward success. A clear and compelling vision guides a team’s collective efforts. Leaders who can articulate a vision that resonates with their team members create a sense of purpose and direction, aligning everyone toward a common goal.

Passion, when exhibited by leaders, becomes contagious. Authentic leaders with genuine enthusiasm for the shared vision inspire and motivate their teams. This emotional connection creates an environment where a shared passion for the organizational mission drives individuals.

Action is where leaders demonstrate their commitment and capability. Leaders must communicate the vision and engage in the day-to-day tasks required to bring that vision to fruition. Leaders set the tone for others by showcasing the importance of dedication and hard work.

Vision, passion, and action together cultivate a culture of excellence. Leaders who grasp the significance of this formula build innovation, resilience, and adaptability among their teams.

  • Clear Direction with Vision: Vision provides a clear roadmap. It defines direction and purpose, acting as a guiding principle for decision-making and goal-setting. Without a destination, actions lack direction and purpose, leading to inefficiency and ambiguity.
  • Commitment through Passion: Passion serves as the fuel that drives sustained effort and commitment. It is the emotional investment in the vision, creating a strong connection between individuals and their goals. Engaged people are more likely to persist in facing challenges, increasing their likelihood of success.
  • Execution and Results with Action: Action is the practical manifestation of intent. It transforms vision and passion into tangible outcomes. Without action, visions remain unfulfilled aspirations, and passion becomes a mere sentiment. Action bridges the gap between vision and reality, turning abstract ideas into concrete achievements.
  • A Balance for Exceptional Performance: Vision provides the overarching goal. Passion fuels the drive. Action ensures achieving objectives. Neglecting one element disrupts the harmony needed for sustained high performance.

A well-defined direction (vision), coupled with emotional engagement (passion) and practical execution (action), creates a balanced approach that is inherently geared towards achieving exceptional performance.



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