Worry Less. Do More.

Karl Bimshas
2 min readFeb 8, 2022
Isabela Drasorean

You may be a happy person, but I can still predict a few of your worries. Grab a piece of paper or a Post-it note and list ten of them that quickly come to mind right now.

Many years ago, a study was conducted about people’s common worries. Anecdotally, in my experience, the results have not changed much. Look over your list.

Four of the items are probably worries that will never happen. For example, despite how trendy it is to think, there will not be a zombie apocalypse. Rest easy.

Three of your worries are likely about the past and things you cannot change. If it is out of your hands, get it out of your head. Let it go.

At least one of your worries is a needless or premature health concern you or someone else taking advantage of you has made up.

Another one of your worries is probably petty. Did you turn off the iron? (Do you even own an iron?) You might have left the television on or forgotten to feed the fish. Take care of it when you get home. Don’t let it consume you.

Finally, of the ten worries you listed, one might be a genuine and legitimate concern. You have to find a way to pay for your kids’ college even though you have not saved much yet. The deadline for your project is tomorrow, and you are freaking out because it’s not finished. It’s justified to be worried about these things. Take action to alleviate the stress you are feeling.

Worrying is borrowing trouble and causes you to waste resources you could instead devote to the legitimate concerns you can most impact.

Cross all but one worry off your list. If the thought of that gives you the shakes, you can cross off all but two. Allow yourself to let go of the unproductive worries and use the newfound time to face the one or two genuine concerns you have left. Then, make a significant impact on those, so you can lessen and ultimately eradicate their hold on you.

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