You Don’t Need Permission to Lead

Karl Bimshas
3 min readAug 2, 2022


You Don’t Need Permission to Lead, by Karl Bimshas

You don’t need permission to lead; you need a purpose.

Don’t wait to be anointed or appointed by someone else — lead from where you are, and start today.

Assuming the purpose is important to you, and the timing and circumstances are ripe, you must rise. Yes, you will be attacked by those too fearful to stand themselves. Expect it, even welcome it, because their challenges will strengthen your resolve and character. In time, others will join you. If they don’t, be sure you have invited them. Accept their help and support with grace and gratitude.

Step out from behind the curtain of doubt and take your place on the stage. Speak up and be heard. Not for the applause, which can intoxicate you; for the cause, which challenges and improves the status quo.

Do not lead for money, fame, grandeur, or power.

Lead for those who need you in the darker hours.

Lead for those who’ve not yet found their voice,

the multitudes who’ve lost their choice.

Lead in ways that grow and create,

not restrict and deny.

Lead to make good things great,

With more we and us, and far fewer me and I.

Lead to bring impossible dreams within reach.

Lead because you feel compelled to learn and teach.

These reasons do not require permission. They only need you.

Begin with meaningful purpose.

Do you have a purpose, mission, and values that feel meaningful to you?

Do you know the purpose, mission, and values of your organization, team, or family?

If not, why not?

  • Your purpose is your why.
  • Your mission is your how.
  • Your values are your behavior.

When they are not aligned, neither are you.

If you don’t follow your purpose, mission, and values, you are following someone else’s or drifting aimlessly. That works fine for those who have no particular place to be or are in no hurry to get anywhere. But not you. You’re ready to lead.

I encourage you to check out “Lead on Purpose; A workbook to reignite your mission, vision, and values” from Karl Bimshas Consulting’s Leadership Workbooks series. Available at, It’s a good starting place.

Need something more hands-on? Reach out directly, and let’s see if a leadership consulting agreement makes sense for you or members of your organization.

Until then, keep advancing confidently in the direction of your dreams and help others along the way.

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