Your Talent is a Terrible Thing to Waste

The average person spends more time and money on activities that contribute to their personal detriment than to their personal development. Their habits unwittingly slip from moderate recreation or amusement into a form of escapism and responsibility avoidance. This is what makes them average rather than high-performing.

High performers are leaders and artists who create a record of success. They surround themselves with positive people who uplift and challenge them to greater levels of accomplishment. Effective leaders and artists do not ask, “When is it enough, when can I finish?” They know it is as much about the journey as the destination. Their vivid visions of the future sustain any monotony during the voyage. They are devoted to learning and looking at the world differently to achieve their goals and aspirations. As they meet their challenges and deploy their creations, they know that their bigger legacy rests in bringing inspiration to others.

You know this to be true. You’ve either read it, heard it said or felt it in your heart. You yourself have more you want to accomplish. However, you have not been able to get to it yet because you have uncertainty over your vision or fear that it’s not being interpreted as intended. You have a great goal unmet, a dream deferred, or a vexing problem you’ve not been able to solve. How did you get here? How did your anticipation get replaced with anxiety? Frustration, overwhelm, and discouragement course through your veins while you try to complete someone else’s goals, and you have pangs of guilt over the growing resentment that they are keeping you from your dreams.

You are half-right; you are being held back from pursuing your goals. Your dreams do keep getting deferred. The things you want to accomplish are taking too long. But the fault is yours. They are your dreams, goals, and aspirations. You created them. You own them. They are your responsibility. If you are part of an organization, the temptation is to retreat to safety and commonness, bound by the faint praise of mediocrity and the tragic slow suffocation of your talent. If you continue to neglect them, or worse, abandon them outright in favor of someone else’s, you will deny the world your unique contributions.

Leaders and artists get out of their funk when they make time for reflection and revelation. They thrive with creativity, innovation, and daring. Your solution? Find a fresh pair of eyes, someone who can give you an unbiased opinion and guide you along the un-tended path you know leads toward your goal. An accountability partner, driven by your success, whose goal is to see you succeed and help you find the “a-ha” within is an excellent place to start.

Pay attention to your talent, honor it, don’t waste it.

Leadership Starts With You

If you are having trouble following your personal vision, staying on purpose, or taking disciplined and specific action to meet your goals, you are making it difficult for others to want to follow you. Get your inner house in order. You do not have to be perfect, just congruent with what you espouse.

Accountability Partnering

There are plenty of reasons to consider an accountability partner. If you are your own boss or a small business owner, you know you could probably use one more than most. Karl Bimshas Consulting offers a new program I think you might like. It helps you stay focused, stop procrastinating, reduce time sucks, cheer progress, and reach your weekly goals.

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Leadership Workbooks

It is possible to become a better leader without being a jerk. One place to start is with Leadership Workbooks a series of short yet profound workbooks created by Karl Bimshas Consulting, the leadership development and accountability firm that helps busy professionals manage better and lead well.

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How’s Your Leadership Life Going?

Periodically I check with contacts and connections to get a pulse of their current mood toward leadership. If you could answer one of the two questions below, I’d appreciate your thoughts.

  1. If you consider yourself a leader, why are you still leading?
  2. If you don’t consider yourself a leader, why not?

For more in-depth leadership health questions, visit the link below.

Thanks for your input.

Boston-bred and California-chilled Karl Bimshas is the leadership consultant, author, and podcast host who collaborates with busy professionals — most often those who are underestimated and underrepresented in leadership roles. Learn More



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Karl Bimshas

Boston-bred and California-chilled Leadership Adviser | Writer | Podcast Host who helps busy professionals who want to manage better and lead well.